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Purple Hedge was founded on the innovative grounds of the future of how we own properties as individuals and even as a company, becoming a landlord shouldn’t be as hard as it is. 

We created Purple Hedge to better enable you to find the perfect property or home, whether you’re trying to rent or own it.

And while we’re at it, we’re bridging the gap between crypto and property assets by giving you the ability to own your property in all aspects.

Hence the reason why we’re called Purple Hedge, because every property on here is a unique piece and our goal as a company is to give YOU true ownership of your property and we’re here to help you achieve that.

Owning a property shouldn’t break the bank!

“The idea is to give investors the opportunity to become co-owners and own a piece of Purple Hedge by investing a minimum of $200 within 12 to 24 Months and get 15 to 40% Returns.”



Incredible Offer

We offer various ways to start owning a property through our intricate investment strategies that are budget friendly.

Secured Investment

No matter how small or large your investment or property is, it’s all guarded safely with our complex security system and database, be rest assured you’re safe with us.

Multiple Earnings

Real estate is one of the most safe and secure means of side income and with our associated company. LightBlocks, you'll be exposed to even broader streams of income.

Our Partners

We work with leading global professional partners

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