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Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review 2016


Is Inbox Blueprint a Scam?

Definitely, it is not a SCAM, it is clean and 100% legitimate, but there is a catch that you should know before purchasing. There’s a lot of hype regarding Inbox Blueprint 2.0 lately and hundreds of wannabe online marketers have purchased the product blindly.

Most Inbox Blueprint reviews that you can find on the internet were published primarily for promoting Anik Singal’s products. An Inbox Blueprint affiliate can earn as much as 50% commision for every referral that purchases the product. With that being said, you have to dig further if Inbox Blueprint is worth your money.

With the release of Anik Singal’s The Circle of Profit free ebook, and with the help of prominent motivational speakers including Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown, and other well-known personalities, Inbox Blueprint 2.0 became one of the most searched keyword at google. It is very interesting to know, Why do these people risk their honor just to promote Anik Singal’s The Circle of Profit? What is behind the scenes in promoting and praising this book?

With all the hype about Inbox Blueprint out there, be aware that Anik Singal tends to bring out a “new” product every 12 – 18 months and claiming it to be the latest and the greatest system in the email marketing industry.

What is Inbox Blueprint 2.0?

Anik Singal - #2 BusinessWeeks's 2008 Top Entrepreneurs Under 25
Anik Singal – #2 BusinessWeeks’s 2008 Top Entrepreneurs Under 25

Created by Anik Singal, Inbox Blueprint is an email marketing web-based training course where you can learn how to build an email list of subscribers, and how to profit from your subscribers from the commissions you earn by promoting other people’s products.

With Inbox Blueprint, you create a one-page niche website where you offer free report, free video or other free give-away items for download in exchange for an email address. After collecting email addresses, you send out regular emails regarding your niche and occasional promotional emails to earn dollars.

Inbox Blueprint 1.0 was first launched in January 2014, and a second time in August of the same year. In April 2016, Anik Singal released an improved version of the system which is now known as the Inbox Blueprint 2.0, with the inclusion of numerous enhancements and upgrades including more training, more bonuses, more live training webinars, 13,000+ pre-written articles, and the proprietary Launchpad software that can let you start your email marketing business in less than an hour.

The Pros and Cons

The Price

$1,497 or 3 Payments of $597 (USD)

At first glance, the price is too expensive but with the amazing cloud based Launchpad software and over 13,000+ pre written articles, plus the absolute possibility that you can set up and start your email marketing business in less than an hour, it can be worth your money.

Unlike the Wealthy Affiliate program (Click here for my in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate) which is one of the most affordable, quality and leading affiliate marketing course, there is no free trial of Inbox Blueprint before buying.

Your payment of $1,497 is not the only amount you need. Although there are no more upsells of Inbox Blueprint 2.0, you still need cash for the monthly payment of an autoresponder once your 30 days free trial has lapsed. Not only that, you need dollars to pay for help after your 12 months free access to help and support have expired. You also need more dollars to pay for traffic if you want to fast track your business.


This software takes care most of the hard work for you. With just a few clicks, you can set up the following:

  • Opt-in page where visitors can download a free report or other free give-away items by entering their email addresses and other information
  • Thank you page where you compliment the new subscriber and where you can also offer more products
  • Configure your Sendlane autoresponder

With the Launchpad, you can launch as many businesses as possible. It is very possible that you can launch a brand new business in less than 30 minutes or even in 2 minutes, but it is not guaranteed that you start earning dollars immediately after launching your business.

Watch the video below to appreciate this amazing software! (Video owned by Lurn, Inc.)

For founding students, the Inbox Blueprint Launchpad lets you build unlimited number of businesses, which means you can create unlimited number of one-paged free hosted websites. But starting November 2016, it only allows you to create only 10 online businesses. Once you have created and launched 10 one-page websites or your opt-in pages, you can no longer use your Launchpad unless you draw more dollars from your pocket.

The development of this impressive Launchpad is not an easy task. It requires the brains of highly skilled software developers which also equates to hundreds of dollars to make it happen. Expect that there will be more upgrades with this software, which may lead to a new version of Inbox Blueprint.

Proprietary Content Engine

Anik Singal’s team have created over 13,000 unique content articles (and 40,000 more will be created before 2016 ends) that you can use as free reports for your subscribers.

The good news about it? You don’t need to be a writer or an author to create articles or ebooks regarding your niche, it was already written for you.

Plus, the Launchpad has also the ability to tell you if an article is already overused or saturated. Thousands of Inbox Blueprint 2.0 students can be sending the same free report to their subscribers until it is fully saturated.

Guided Assignment Based Training

Inbox Blueprint was laid out in an 8-step system that works if you work for it. Anik’s team have redefined an easy to follow, step by step training videos that covers every aspect of email marketing.

Sendlane Autoresponder 30-days Free Trial

Just like other autoresponders, you can configure Sendlane for pre-logged emails and for broadcasting emails.

You can create hundreds of email messages ahead of time and the autoresponder automatically sends daily emails to your new subscribers, even if you’re still asleep in bed.

You can also send an email to thousands of email addresses in one second. All your subscribers around the world can be receiving different email messages everyday according to their respective time zone.

As a co-founder of Sendlane, Anik Singal is endorsing this company. Sendlane was created specifically for email marketers which can be one of the advantages over the other autoresponders.

But remember that Anik Singal only gives 30 days free trial of Sendlane. You cannot fully build your email marketing business without an autoresponder. That means, you need to subscribe into a paid membership once your free trial have lapsed. That’s an addition of $149 USD monthly expenses.

Although Anik stated that other autoresponders which are less expensive than Sendlane can be integrated into the Launchpad, the software itself does not permit the integration of third party autoresponder systems.

12-Months Unlimited Help and Support

Connecting with other people who are working with the same project as yours can be a great help to your success. You also can get motivation, encouragement, and network with successful Inboxers, and they can guide you along the way.

However, within 12 months you should be able to ask and learn everything that you should know before the unlimited support expires.

12 Months Lurn Master’s Club Free Membership

You also have 12-months access to Lurn Master’s Club, a mastermind group where most successful Inboxers share their insights. If you have the money, you can become an elite member of Inbox Blueprint and have access to more education offered by Millionaire Inboxers.

Is 12 months free support and access to the mastermind group can be enough? YES it can be as long as you’re devoted to making your online business work.

Comparing Inbox Blueprint with Wealthy Affiliate’s community and 24/7 unlimited support, you can get help from Wealthy Affiliates Millionaire students even if you’re not a premium member. You have free access to the active live chat and it’s easy to ask help from successful marketers.

If you decided to fast track your business with Wealthy affiliate, you have lifetime unlimited help and support. You can ask guidance and motivation from successful marketers who also started from being a beginner.

With Wealthy affiliate, help and support are all free and lifetime unlimited, no expiry, it is always available when you need it at no cost.

Click Here NOW to read more about Wealthy Affiliate

Free Clickonomy Account

Clickonomy is another company owned by Anik Singal, which is a free membership site for solo ad buyers and sellers. Membership is FREE but solo ads or email leads are not.

Clickonomy is a great site to buy email address and get instant traffic if you can afford to spend another $0.60 to $1.00 per 100 clicks. But be careful who you buy from because it can be a huge waste of money.

Time versus Money: The True Definition of Inbox Blueprint

If some of Anik Singal’s students have succeeded using his system, absolutely you can do it too. Success with Inbox Blueprint varies from person to person and the niche you select. If you choose a highly profitable niche and get hundreds of traffic, you can start making sales within a week or two.

Building your email list which means building a list of potential buyers of the products you promote, may take a lot of time and effort. With the Launchpad, and the pre-written contents, plus the email leads from Clickonomy, it is now very easy and very quick to start an email marketing business and get instant traffic. But you must be willing to spend money and other related costs in order to succeed.

However, if you don’t want to spend massive amount of dollars but you’re dedicated to start your own online business, I recommend you to check Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link.

Inbox Blueprint Review – The Buttom Line

With Inbox Blueprint, it takes money to make more money. Personally, I would recommend Blueprint 2.0 if you have the following:

  • $1,497++ USD
  • You understand that success is not guaranteed with Inbox Blueprint
  • You have experience in email marketing and knew the hidden disadvantages
  • You understand the risk associated as Anik Singal brings out a “new product” every 12 to 18 months, and you’re be left on your own after that span of time.

In my opinion, it is a legit program but it is not for beginners. If you have some experience on making money online and can afford the price, jump on to Anik’s Inbox Blueprint and take your business to the next level.

Personally, I prefer cheaper but quality and more in-depth online marketing courses that not only teaches me the foundation of online marketing, but also how to build a list and traffic from targeted keywords. This is the ultimate way to setup a legitimate website that brings in passive income in the long future.

If you’re totally new to making money online, I would suggest that you check Wealthy Affiliate as this was my first stepping stone to build an income generating business.

If you want to learn more about this program, click the image below!

Click the Image to See What Wealthy Affiliate is All About

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any experience with Inbox Blueprint and would like to share, please feel free to leave a comment below. Please share this article to other people who might need it by clicking on the social media buttons.



Larry Lozada

An aspiring young entrepreneur who have found his wealth on the online world. Currently, he is working as a Business Analysts at BidEnergy Australia. On his spare time, he is playing with his daughter or having special time with his wife, or creating contents of this blog. Read Larry's inspiring story, "From Unemployed to Hiring Employees." Feel free to send Larry a message here.

10 thoughts on “Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review 2016

  1. Hi Larry,

    It’s Chad all the way from Australia. Thank you for your review of Inbox Blueprint 2.0. I was about to buy Inbox Blueprint but my intuition is holding me back. I am suspicious about this course and you have cleared everything for me.

    You are right, the Launchpad is an amazing software but I can only use it for 10 businesses, plus I need to spend more money for autoresponder, and buy clicks or email leads from clickonomy.

    I was also skeptical about the support given by Anik’s team. Anyway, I will take a look at Wealthy Affiliate and sign up for free membership and give it a try.


    1. Hi Chad,

      Glad you liked my review on Inbox Blueprint. Sometimes, if our intuition is telling us something or holding us back in doing something, we have to do more research or verify the things. Trusting our intuition can very helpful in many instances.

      One limitation of Inbox Blueprint is that after launching 10 online businesses, you have no more use of your Launchpad. Inbox Blueprint is an email marketing course and there are more limitations of email marketing compared to affiliate marketing. I do more reviews regarding this in near future.

      Kind Regards,

  2. Thank you so much the break down. People who do a lot of talking and fast talking leave me concerned about their products. I was concerned that this was going to be out of my price range being a single parent thank you for the update really appreciate it.

    1. Hi Melody,

      Thank you for visiting my site. Marketers who talk so much and so fast get you so confused and let you stop thinking straight, which could let you buy their products. Sometimes, if the product is too shinny, it is wise to be a little bit skeptical, especially if the marketer is asking for hundreds of dollars right now before the countdown timer reaches zero and your lucky opportunity is gone forever.

      Before purchasing Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint, it is always wise to search for other similar products, compare the prices, quality of education, and all the things they offer. What if with Wealthy Affiliate, you can start for FREE $0 without asking you any credit card information, would you take advantage of it?

      FYI, I am moving my website to Stay updated for more product reviews.

      Kind Regards,

  3. Larry,

    Thanks for the details on this program. It is pretty pricey so knowing it is legit is good to know. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, so I am going to keep focusing on my training there until I have a little more experience. I will save up for more advanced training such as this.

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Thank you for visiting my site.

      Inbox Blueprint is legit but the price is too much. What I like the most is the Launchpad, but the fact that I can only launch 10 businesses is quite disappointing.

      Not only that, Inbox Blueprint have hidden upsells that you need to be aware before purchasing the product. It is not suitable for people who are new to world of online marketing.

      Keep up with your training at Wealthy Affiliate. It is the most complete training that I have found so far. You’re not gonna learn about affiliate marketing only, but also email marketing.

      The amazing community at Wealthy Affiliate is also one of the greatest asset in building your online business.


  4. Hi Larry,

    Thanks for this. I found it particularly interesting as I followed the route exactly as you described it: I got the email offer from Bob Proctor, was intrigued, order Singal’s book, loved it and was seriously considering going with Inbox Blueprint, but after doing my diligence, I found out about Wealthy Affiliate and went with it. I’m very, very glad I did..

    Having said that, I found enormous value in Singal’s book and it did get me started into this world. I just feel I’d want to have more experience if I were to go with something like IB, but I can see where there would be value in what all it offers.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work.

    Best wishes,

  5. Hi Kevin,

    Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint is a great course to learn email marketing but it not recommended for people who have zero background about internet marketing. One thing that turned me off about email marketing without building any website is that most people who receive unsolicited emails usually don’t read and those emails . Those emails usually go the spam or trash.

    In my opinion, the best route for aspiring marketers is to build a website or blog for something they are passionate about. Then grow their readership and collect subscribers, then recommend products either on their blogs or thru emails. And these are what is being taught inside Wealthy Affiliate.

    I’m glad you agreed with me that Inbox Blueprint is more recommended for experienced marketers. I’m looking of being part of it too.

    To our success,

  6. I heard about this programme through the Rich Dad community and was extremely interested. But I could not afford the fee which would have been multiplied by 6 (in my currency).

    I am currently building my website with Wealthy Affiliate but am still considering joining the programme as another source of income. But with the amount of money I would have to fork out. But definitely Wealthy Affiliate is great and so affordable!

    1. Hi Lindsey,

      I’m also part of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad community, and was introduced about affiliate marketing. Due to the expensive price of Inbox Blueprint, I did a research and found out that promoters of Anik Singal’s Inbox blueprint have a commission of a big fat 50%. Thinking about it, Anik’s statements that he spent $300,000.00 on Inbox Blueprint that’s why it is expensive must be a lie. The true price of Inbox Blueprint then is less than $700, the other $700 goes to the pocket of Robert Kiyosaki or Bob Proctor or Les Brown, or whoever is promoting it.

      Inbox Blueprint is great, you can learn a lot about email marketing. However, you can find the same email marketing course that is being taught inside Wealthy Affiliate. Since you are already a member of Wealthy Affiliate, just browse the classrooms and you will find the email marketing course.

      In my opinion, it is best to build your website or blog first to build relationship with your site visitors before embarking to email marketing.

      Wishing you success at Wealthy Affiliate,

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